A plant protein drink with clean caffeine. A source of energy without the emptiness to help you go where no you has gone before.

Plant protein provides fuel, nourishing the body and helping to develop lean muscle mass. Natural caffeine from plants gives you the gentle lift you need to get through your day. It won’t keep you awake or make you crash later. Calm, cool, and collected energy.

Like real fruit. VUUM is bubbly, clear, and light like other energy drinks. You’re probably used to protein in a thick, rich shake. This isn’t it. VUUM is 10G of first-of-its-kind carbonated (bubbly) plant protein.

In the morning, when you exercise, or to study/work for:

  • Improving performance
  • An afternoon snack that doesn’t leave you feeling empty
  • Better results and recovery
  • Inducing thermogenesis and metabolism
  • Slowing muscle degradation
  • Improving endurance levels 
  • Keeping fatigue at bay without crashing later
  • Better focus and mental clarity anytime

Best enjoyed cold. VUUM does not need to be stored in the refrigerator to stay fresh.

Consume daily for maximum results and benefits.

Protein is important because it’s the building block of every cell in your body. It helps you recover after exercise, or even just a long day. And it helps keep you full in between meals.

Expect your VUUM in 3-5 business days. If you order before 11:30AM EST, your order will be shipped to you the same day it is placed.

Go where no You has gone before