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A plant protein drink with clean caffeine. A source of energy without the emptiness to help you go where no you has gone before.

Like real fruit. VUUM is bubbly, clear, and light like other energy drinks. You’re probably used to protein in a thick, rich shake. This isn’t it. VUUM is 10G of first-of-its-kind carbonated (bubbly) plant protein. Available after years of research and innovation.

VUUM is fuel for going somewhere. For:

  • Improving performance
  • An afternoon snack that doesn’t leave you feeling empty
  • Better results and recovery
  • Inducing thermogenesis and metabolism
  • Stimulating skeletal muscle protein synthesis rates during resistance and endurance exercise
  • Slowing muscle degradation
  • Improving endurance levels
  • Keeping fatigue at bay without crashing later
  • Better focus and mental clarity anytime

In the morning, when you exercise, or to study/work. VUUM is a perfect replacement for your morning coffee or afternoon pick me up.

Plant protein provides fuel, nourishing the body and helping to develop lean muscle mass. Natural caffeine from plants gives you the gentle lift you need to get through your day. It won’t keep you awake or make you crash later. Calm, cool, and collected energy.

Best enjoyed cold and with a goal you are ready to achieve.

VUUM has 10 grams of plant protein from peas. 10 grams of protein is equivalent to 2 eggs (chicken) worth of protein.

135 milligrams of clean, natural caffeine from plants. About the same as two cups of coffee. But with theanine, your energy and focus will sustain you all day, with no crash.

The protein in VUUM is from peas. It’s vegan, allergen-free, and a more eco-friendly option compared to dairy-based alternatives.

This means that the energy in VUUM comes from plants grown on Earth, like green tea and guarana seed, used for centuries by indigenous people in the Amazon. Other energy drinks utilize synthetic, lab-made caffeine, giving you a headache, crash, and jitters.

VUUM has an optimized 175 milligrams of theanine, guaranteed to synergistically work with natural caffeine to help you focus and remain grounded.

Yes. Yes. And yes.

VUUM is a first-of-its-kind bubbly, carbonated clear plant protein drink. Refreshing and easy to drink, a new way to consume and enjoy protein.

Most Americans do not get enough protein in their diets. And people who live active lives need even more. Without it, your muscles can’t stay strong and won't work right, and your metabolism will be affected. Protein also can help curb appetite and power your brain.

Protein is important because it’s the building block of every cell in your body. It helps you recover after exercise, or even just a long day. And it helps keep you full in between meals.

Not only does VUUM incorporate carbonated plant protein to add nutrition and sustenance to your energy drink, but with theanine and natural caffeine, you know that you’ll be fueled and focused with no caffeine hangover or crash. Other drinks don’t have any protein! And they use ingredients, like synthetic caffeine and sucralose, that wreak havoc on your body and mind.

VUUM introduces a new form of plant-based protein to the world: bubbly, fresh, and light. Traditional protein drinks are shakes, which are gritty, thick, and sandy, and use flavors like chocolate and vanilla. We use refreshing, natural fruit-inspired flavors that are light and don’t include the carbohydrates, sugar, and fillers other protein drinks have.

To go where no you has gone before, consume daily for maximum results and benefits.

The fruit flavor in VUUM is naturally derived from plants. That’s what gives it the true-to-fruit, non-syrupy taste.

VUUM is inspired by the energy and freshness of real fruit. This means no syrupy, fake taste. And no chocolate or vanilla heaviness. Just fresh fruit.

No. VUUM is sugar free, with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Our stevia is technologically different than others and is naturally sourced from plants, meaning you get the sweetness you crave with some health benefits, too. Other drinks use sugar or sucralose. Sugar wreaks havoc on blood sugar levels and can prevent our VUUM community from reaching their health goals. Other drinks cut out the sugar and add artificial sweeteners like sucralose, which destroys the gut microbiome that affects everything from digestion to mental health (and also affects blood sugar).

VUUM was created over three years of research, development, and testing with over 50 iterations. VUUM Technologies invested extra time in creating VUUM to deliver a new protein energy experience with only best-for-you, functional, and clean ingredients.

Please reference the "Best By" date on the bottom of your can. Usually, this date will be 12+ months from when you purchase it. VUUM is shelf stable meaning you do not have to store it cold.

Yes! With no other caffeine intake, it is safe to consume up to three (3) VUUM per day, per the 400 milligram recommended caffeine daily limit.

Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult a doctor before consuming drinks containing caffeine.


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Yes! Subscription orders not only ensure you receive the product when you want it, with no delay, and afford you access to exclusive flavors, you will also save money. Subscriptions save 10% off every shipment and include free shipping.

Yes, simply log in to your VUUM account to edit or pause your upcoming shipment. If you need additional assistance, please email

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Yes, simply log in to your VUUM account and select cancel for your existing subscription. If you need additional assistance, email

A subscription is an order that we discount at 10% off and ship for free because they ship to our core VUUM community members. It will arrive at the frequency you decide, 7 days, 10 days, 25 days, or 60 days.


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